What is Interconnected Leadership

The principles of future orientated leadership also apply to Interconnected Leadership. But they are not sufficient enough. In the future, we need real pioneers who see themselves as interconnected leaders for a new era. So what does Interconnected Leadership represent?

Personality development

Interconnected leaders are continuously and willingly working on themselves. They are ready to move out of their comfort zone, to reflect and critically question their integrity. Their goal is to find to themselves, in order to lead with a conscious authenticity

Real connection instead of any networking

In the global community, you are infinitely networked and yet very little connected. Interconnected leaders put high importance to a real connection, which does not only take place externally, but also can be felt from the inside. It is shown especially in teams that are characterized by trust, genuine cooperation, support and encouragement. This connection applies to the interconnected leaders also on the inner level: They are connected with themselves and confronting internal and ethical questions.

Passion for diversity

Whether it's with different gender, mentalities, cultures, disciplines, languages, professions, generations, views or societies: Interconnected Leadership means to tackle that spectrum of the full range of diversity with a flexible and tolerant attitude and love just that diversity. This creates interconnected intelligence enabling the creativity that is needed for the future.

Potential in focus

The performance thinking of earlier generations is increasingly being replaced by potential development and talent orientation. Interconnected leaders have an honest interest in figuring out where the potentials and talents are within teams and organizations and use them systematically.

Pioneering spirit and courage to cross borders

To enable creativity and innovation, old patterns have to be broken up and borders must be crossed. Interconnected leaders have the courage to move with an unbiased attitude and with pioneering spirit to a completely new terrain. This also means that they have to deal with excessive demands, can provide security where there is no security and will build bridges between different worlds.

Reflection and tranquility

It's no longer about "higher, faster, further" - it's about taking time for the essentials. Interconnected leaders also must be able to put pause on the clock to ask questions. They are interested in the core meaning of things, in reflecting them and allowing solutions to evolve.

Communication excellence

Nothing beats real dialogue. Therefore, good, attentive, transparent, honest and direct communication is the measure of all things for interconnected leaders.


In times where artificial intelligence will soon dominate everything, we need a strong counterpoint: we need leaders, who manage with their hearts. Interconnected leaders have the courage to show themselves with their emotionality and lead in an empathetic, human, and perceptive way. Because in the future, people will no longer work for organizations, but for connecting leaders and teams.

Responsible vision

We can no longer afford to make short term decisions these days. Interconnected Leadership therefore also means not just to think about tomorrow, but to act responsibly towards the future.

Download the abstract in PDF Published 7. October 2019 11:07